The pixel gun 3D game is the first war shooting game in the gaming technology and it became more favorite game among the adults and youngsters, moreover the game is featured with story mode. The player can fight against their enemies in this play and the player can select their character on their wish. Players also allowed to customize their characters or they can also create their own character by using in built tool in the game.

In this game platform player’s character is made face to face with hordes of zombies attack from all the sides. Player has lot of enemies from cops, robbers, nurses and swat members. The player has responsibility to wipe all his enemies from the city or else he will be doomed and this is featured as only task of the player but it is not that much easy one to complete task by whack all the monsters from the city.

If the player wants to win the pixel gun 3D game then he should not let the seeds of fear grown in his head, the player should be strong enough to face all the problems and should win all the battle against the zombies and monsters in the city. If the player survives at the end of all dead battle against the zombies then the player will let to battle with devil zombie chief in the final stage of game. If the player defeated the zombie boss it leads to the next battlefield.

Player can use several weapons to fight against zombie boss in order to get several weapons and equipments. The player should need lots of coins and cash it is impossible to get from normal play. Most of the player use additional resources such as pixel gun 3D cheats tool to get their required resource which can be used for purchasing weapons and equipments to fight against zombie boss.

Features of game in campaign mode

The player can start their combat in the game with new cool features of campaign mode which are listed below

  • The player can train themselves in new training camp which is made available for new players before first time battle.
  • The gaming platform is designed with more detailed graphics.
  • The new feature cool maps like forest full of seeds are made available for the player.
  • In campaign mode player can experience the new background cool new songs.
  • All the battles are designed as more challenging for the player and it resembles as hardcore play.

Main features of campaign mode:

The player has wide choice of arms such as

  • Colt
  • Heavy machine gun
  • AK47
  • MP5
  • Continuous shooting riffle gun

Although there is no chance for the players to get out alive thus player has to make their mind strong and improve their battle skills and polish their killing skills. In order to gain more rewards and the player has to perform best in battle against the zombie boss which in turn gain high score for the player in the game.